Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Karishma Shahani-The new collection

Karishma Shahani has been busy since graduating from LCF. Living in India, she recently worked with an NGO focusing on empowering village women through skill development. Once completing this project she created her current collection.

The range entitled " Kranti" or "Revolution" is inspired by heroism during revolt and warriors of the past. The range stays true to Shahani's signature style of layering and colour, reflecting the native nomadic costumes of India. With a focus on hand dying and intricate surface techniques, each piece is beautifully rich with detail. Made with devotion and care,the love is passed on from maker to wearer. A talented designer, Karishma blends traditional and contemporary culture without the usual cliches, continuing to pursue a unique aesthetic.

You can read an interview with Karishma in a previous post here.

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