Saturday, May 7, 2011


Dreamy underwear in dusty blues, grape and cream create a nice alternative to the racy rouge and harsh blacks that lingerie habitually consists of. Araks is a label comprising of ready to wear and a simple elegant line of lingerie. Designed with comfort and beauty in mind, Araks Yeramyan tells us about her design process and the challenges of creating a luxury organic line.

When and why did you start your label?
I started my collection in 2000, designing underpinnings. The idea behind my designs is to capture elements of all things beautiful and reinterpret what remains with me. I have a strong commitment to creating collections that have women feel beautiful and confident, beginning with the most intimate and personal layer. This was the most relevant. Ready to wear was a natural progression,it was launched in 2006.

How did you learn the skills needed for a lingerie line?
Practice makes perfect. Lingerie has a lot of rules; you can’t just do anything you want. It has to fit well, make you look good, and be able to be worn underneath clothes with out too much distraction. Ready to wear, with fewer rules, gives room for endless possibilities and exploration. I enjoy the challenge.

Can you tell us how you go about creating collection?
I always start with the inspiration/mood and then go to color and silhouette. Once I am clear about that, it grows from there.

Who and what influences these collections?
It is always the same girl. I do get a lot of inspiration from artists; sometimes films, or other random elements around me. It can be anything really; it is where you take it.

The choice of color combination is quite unique, what inspires you?
I love color. I usually choose a color or two that I am drawn to from my inspiration. A lot has to do with my mood. When I'm designing a collection I am living with it for a while, each day I feel a bit different. At the end I always have to add in one color that throws the whole thing off.

What led you to a more sustainable option?
I was raised that way. That is how I live my life. When organic fabrics and practices became an option, it was only natural to go in that direction.

What are some of the pros and cons to going organic?
I think the pros are obvious; it’s the cons that make the whole thing complicated. If I could, I would have a whole collection of organic and/or environmentally responsible fabrics. It is a challenge to find Organic fabrics that are interesting, refined, and sophisticated for the person buying into luxury. I think as a society we don’t see a direct correlation as to why we should buy organic clothing. This makes it harder to grow an industry and have more sustainable options, although, I do feel we are becoming more aware.

Do you believe fashion reflects the issues of our times? If so how?
I think so. I can’t imagine anyone not being affected or influenced by their surroundings.

When you’re not working on your label what do you love to do?
I have two boys. I love to do anything they love to do.

You can check out Araks inspiring blog "Shaping Beauty" which documents all the lovely things that catch her eye here.


  1. Will Araks venture into swimwear? These designs are too good to keep underneath a layer of clothing. Di