Thursday, March 3, 2011

Andrea Crews

With the world over run by boring repetitious design and business structures, it’s easy to fall head over heels for Parisian collective Andrea Crews. Sustainability and clothing has never been so enjoyable.

How did Andrea Crews start?
In 2002 the collective was founded by Maroussia Rebecq for the recycling workshop exhibition at Palais de Tokyo.

What inspired Andrea Crews to have a social and ecological conscience?
It came from the exciting hunt of finding the treasure in the mountain of trash.It is a statement on the fashion industry, an example of how to recycle and how to make something new with waste.

You refer to your design process as a game with clothing codes. Could you elaborate on this?
It is all about attitude and body language which in turn creates the style. It's influenced by the adventures we are living and the people we meet. It's in between DIY, sculpture, art and play.

Andrea Crews collaborates with a lot of artists in different creative disciplines. Why is this important? How do you initiate your projects?
Because ANDREA CREWS is a collective experience, collaborating is a way to share the energy that feeds the creativity. We are showing an idea of a new system, a process, a life style. So it's important to share it with lot's of different people who can bring another vision to it.New projects are often coming up by themselves and if we think it's exciting it’s like ‘ let's go!’

Andrea Crews is anything but a stagnant and traditional label, how do you make it a viable business/collective?
We are selling our creativity & energy.

Do you have a favourite source of ideas and inspiration?
Our inspiration is always visually strong, such as tribal cultures, amazons, Japanese baby dolls but also Mormon people.

How does living in Paris, known for its traditional prêt a porter and couture houses affect your label and yourselves?
It’s nice, we also like pret a porter and it makes us different.

What next for Andrea Crews?
We just moved to open a new space in Belleville 25 rue de vaucouleurs 75011.It's our fashion workshop, creative studio and art gallery we opened with the exhibition of Neil Beloufa a young french artist, and we are gonna show more and more!

Above pics by Hélèné Giansily

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